Work Permit Certificate for Work on Board on Commercial Fishing Vessels System as Notified in Code 285 by Electronics Methods (Single Window 4 Fishing Fleet)

      Marine Department, on behalf of the subcommittee for IUU Fishing (Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated Fishing) taking part of vessel management, handles the responsibility to organize and develop vessel registration, accelerate law enforcement to organize fisheries vessel and fishing support vessel, eliminate labor exploitation and anti-human trafficking in labors and illegal fishing. Define a new management measure has been taking action i.e. issue rules enforcement to inspect the vessel, require for vessel registration and issue the license for legal fishing vessel, vessel inspection, vessel equipment safety inspection, permit for all crew members working on board, etc. The permission for working on board as specified in the Code of Conduct 285 from Navigation in the Thai Waters Act, B.E. 2456 and the amendment identified that crew members who need to work on board on fishing vessel have to firstly request the permission from Marine Department before departure. If they are migrant workers, they must submit work permit issued by Department of Employment, including with the employment contract for employees with their employers to request for work permission or so called “ Work Permit Certificate for On Board on Fishing Vessels as Notified in Code 285, Navigation in the Thai Waters Act, B.E. 2456” to monitor the fishing vessels in which gross tonnage is over 10 tons, with the objective for

      1) Developing the information technology system be convenient, reliable, and reduce workload for vessel owners and crew members
on the vessel that is useful for monitoring with the regulation in as Notified in Code 285, Navigation in the Thai Waters Act, B.E. 2456, and it is legally permitted for crew members to work on board on fishing vessels.

      2) Developing data integration information system and the cooperation among the relevant government agencies to monitor
fishing vessels be able to work effectively within the given legal framework, and solve illegal fishing threats including of maintaining the policy for sustainable fisheries system. The agencies comprise of Marine Department, Department of Fisheries, Department of Employment, Department of Labor Protection and Welfare, and Department of Administration.

      3) Using Facial Recognition technology for identifying or verifying the identity of crew members on fishing vessels to protect from illegal

      4) Applying Machine Readable Zone (MRZ) to facilitate inspection of worker travel documents to avoid from illegal labor practices.

      myHR Corporation Limited has developed Single Window 4 Fishing Fleet system for Marine Department to work via Web Browser that allows Fishing PIPO (Port In Port Out) System be available to use on smartphone both Android and iOS.

      In 2019, The project proved successfully and made Marine Department receive the Public Sector Excellence Awards from the Office of the Public Sector Development Commission (OPDC). The awards are to honor the government agencies with the commitment to the success of the public administration.